14 OZ Sleeveless Garment Dye Interlock Hooded Crop Top Short Set

Color: Pink
Size: Small

The 420 gsm (grams per square meter) 14-ounce sleeveless hooded crop top short set are the height of comfort and style. They are both made of high-quality interlock fabric. The sleeveless, hooded crop top, with its dense interlock fabric for warmth and breathability, combines fashion-centric design with usefulness. The hood provides mobility and the absence of sleeves facilitates ease of movement. This outfit, which comes with matching shorts made of the same opulent interlock fabric, guarantees unmatched comfort and style for any occasion, whether you're hanging out at home or going out for a laid-back get-together.

  • Comes as a set sleeveless hooded crop top and shorts
  • 420 GSM (14 OUNCES)
  • 83% Cotton / 14% Polyester / 3% Elastane
  • Machine Wash
  • Garment Dye and Pigment Dye

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