12 OZ Garment Dye Interlock Cargo Shorts

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Color: Brown
Size: Small

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Exemplifying unparalleled craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort, these 14-ounce premium interlock fabric cargo shorts redefine sophistication and practicality. Meticulously designed to elevate casual attire, they seamlessly blend style with functionality. The fabric's soft, breathable texture ensures a gentle touch against the skin, while the cargo pockets provide ample storage space without compromising aesthetics. Whether meandering along the beach or navigating urban streets, these shorts effortlessly combine luxury with utility. With a commitment to quality and attention to detail, they promise an unmatched wearing experience for those fortunate enough to don them. The garment dye finish softens the fabric and bring you into a new world of fashion.

  • Premium Garment Dyed Interlock Fabric
  • 83% Cotton / 14% Polyester / 3% Elastane
  • Machine Wash
  • Pre-Shrunk
  • Adjustable Drawcords

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