The weaving sector is one of the most important textile sub-sectors in Pakistan. The world demand for textiles is rising, due to which there is a greater opportunity for a rise in exports from Pakistan. The power loom sector is producing comparatively low value added greige cloth in the unorganized sector ( Prof. Dr. Noor Ahmed Memon ).Weaving sector contributes 60% share in export industry.

Knight Apparel USA knows the important of weaving sector in Pakistan. The Tauseef textile of Pakistan has time and again proven its strength in the global markets. The quality of the cotton/textile products that are exported at the very competitive price is none to other in the world market. We have large amount of weaving machines. The daily capacity of weaving is 3000KGS and monthly capacity is 90,000KGS. Our monthly export volume is 3.20 Millions USD.